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Escape St Louis the best, biggest and most detailed complex Escape the Room Games in America. There are many escape rooms across America and even St Louis but none compare to the escape rooms offered and presented from the team behind The Darkness. We are offering three different escape rooms including a Mummy Adventure, Serial Killer escape and a Subway escape. Each room features HIGH TECH special fx, Hollywood quality detail themed rooms, complex puzzles, and much more. NO OTHER ESCAPE rooms in the St Louis area feature animations, and high detailed environments like our escape rooms. Crack the Codes, Solve the Puzzles, and escape in 60 minutes or less. Get your groups together, prepare team building, and let the fun begin.

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St Louis Escape Entire Facility Tour - Book Christmas Parties NOW
Tue, October 11, 2016
There are MANY escape rooms in and around St Louis but ONLY ONE is the best!  Unlike all the other escape rooms we offer videos, photos and behind the scenes tour to showcase the level of attractions we offer.  Check out our latest video below which gives you a behind the scenes tour of our entire entertainment facility.  We are taking reservations RIGHT NOW for Christmas Parties.  We can host up to 1000 guests if we include our Zombie Laser Tag.  We can operate up to 35 guests per hour for our escape rooms and or 300 per hour for zombie laser tag games.  We have a massive lobby for hosting parties and much more.  Watch the video below.  Contact us your party! 

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St Louis Escape Is The Best Escape Room Experience in St Louis - Now Open Daily
Sat, September 24, 2016

St Louis Escape is hands down the best Team Buliding Escape Room Experience in St Louis.  Book your company party with us NOW!  St Louis Escape is the only Million Dollar Escape Room Experience in St Louis.  We are now open DAILY for the Halloween season.  We wanted to announce that you may also purchase tickets at our box office if rooms are available.  We are now excepting walk ups.  You must purchase your tickets online to ensure a room.  Prepare yourself for a team building expeirence like no other at St Louis Escape located next door to Soulard Market downtown.  Watch our new promotional video below.  St Louis Escape is located right next door to The Darkness Haunted House.  We are also booking Zombie Laser Tag experiences for Private Parties.  Play Zombie Laser Tag, Escape Rooms and enjoy our incredible lobby.  Contact us today!  Come to the haunted houses, do our escape rooms and play Zombie Laser Tag.  We are now open 7 days a week!

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Zombie Laser Tag is Coming Soon to The Darkness
Fri, September 23, 2016
St Louis Zombie fans... now you can use real military style training weapons to hunt and kill real zombies!  Right next door to The Darkness we have built two new attractions including www.StLouisEscape.com and Zombie Laser Tag / Silo-X.  St Louis Escape is St Louis' #1 Escape Rooms with three different rooms including Subway Escape, Mummy Escape and Cellar Escape.  You must book online to reserve your room today.  

Additionally we now offer Silo-X Haunted House by weekend and Zombie Laser tag by weekday.  If you want to play Zombie Laser Tag you must book online as all slots are selling out FAST!   You will suit with real military combat weapons then hunt and kill REAL zombies.  Are you read you must BOOK NOW CLICK HERE TO SAVE OUR SPACE.  Zombie Laser Tag is limited to 300 guests per night.  


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Escape Rooms Now Open Daily
Mon, September 19, 2016
St Louis Escape is NOW OPEN DAILY book your room NOW!  We had our busiest day so far this past Saturday.  As people around St Louis are learning the best escape rooms not only in st Louis but in America are St Louis Escape our rooms are starting to fill up quick.  The Escape Rooms are located right next door to The Darkness.  We wanted to mention we are now allowing walk up bookings if available.  You should book in advance but we can take SOME walk up bookings if rooms are available.  So stop by and see us any night we are open!


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St Louis Escape Now Open DaIly
Sat, September 17, 2016
St Louis Escape is NOW OPEN DAILY!  Book your rooms today.  We are now open 7 DAYS A WEEK!  We are also open when The Darkness Haunted House is open!  We do accept walk ups if there are rooms available.  You get your tickets at the Darkness Haunted House box office if you missed a window to book the same night.  Otherwise book everything in advance online!

We can also accomodate group parties call or email us today.   The Mummy, Cellar and Subway are waiting for YOU!  Remember to make a night of it at The Darkness haunted house which now includes Silo-X and Zombie Laser Tag.  Scream inside The Darkness, then shoot and kill zombies, and finally play St Louis' #1 Rated Escape Rooms:  St Louis Escape! 

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St Louis Escape Room
Games & Zombie Laser Tag

1517 S.8th Street
St.Louis, Missouri 63103
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You are part of an archaeological excavation of an CURSED Egyptian tomb. Traps have strip your fate, doors have closed and you will run out of air in less then 60 minutes. The escape room feature realistic environment, special effects, animations, puzzles, clues and riddle to escape to freedom.
Escape Percentage 23%
Fear Fector 26%
Difficulty 63%
Guest Rating 63%

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A serial killer has locked you in a dark basement. He will return in 60 minutes to finish the job. This escape game features a serial killer who constantly monitor your every move you must find clues, solve puzzles while evading the serial killers camera. You must find a way to escape his cellar prison before he returns.
Escape Percentage 15%
Fear Factor 41%
Difficulty 52%
Guest Rating 62%

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Imagine you are a secret agent and you must stop a nuclear attack on New York City. Terrorists have planted a bomb on a runaway subway car. All the hostages are locked inside a runaway subway car your mission escape from the subway car, stop the subway from entering the city, find the bomb and defuse it and save the city! Can you complete the mission?
Escape Percentage 24%
Fear Factor 1%
Difficulty 51%
Guest Rating 54%

St Louis, Missouri biggest, best and most sophisticated Escape Room Games complete with interactive puzzles, special fx, and much more.  Are you ready to crack the codes, find the clues, solve the puzzles and discover the riddles and escape in 60 minutes or less?  Saint Louis Missouri has many escape room attractions but the best one is produced by the team behind The Darkness in downtown St Louis Missouri.  No other room escape game can compare to the high end realism, special fx, puzzles, clues, and detail.  We also include zombie laser tag where you can hunt and kill real zombies.  We offer three different escape rooms including Mummy Escape, Cellar Escape and Subway Escape.  Have you ever imagined being a secret agent, a spy, or a bank robber wanting to crack into a safe before getting caught.  Our Escape Rooms give you an adventure of a lifetime.  We offer corporate groups, team building, birthday parties and much more.  Our escape rooms also feature an amazing lobby perfect for your groups to socialize while you wait.  Learn more at the best St Louis escape rooms www.stlouisescape.com
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