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Notice: All rooms are now private. We require a minimum of four bookings to secure a private room. Guests can play with fewer than four players but you must pay for four slots. Guests can add additional players on the day of game with a credit card at our reception desk. We accept walk-ins but prefer advanced bookings. The pinball room is open whenever escape rooms are booked.

Players are warned that you play at your own risk. We are not responsible for injuries. Do not climb on anything or force anything open.

Tipping game masters is appreciated but not required. Escape room players please show up for your booking 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Golfers shouldn’t show up until the exact time of their booking. There are NO REFUNDS for ANY reasons. If you need to cancel please email and we offer credits for future bookings. You must cancel within 24 hours.

Groupons can ONLY be used for the Blackbeard's Revenge Escape.

When using a coupon, slots booked must match the coupon slots EXACTLY. For example: if you are attempting to use a Groupon for Four to book the Blackbeard's Revenge Escape, you must book for exactly four participants. Please call us if you wish to add participants.
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St. Louis Escape: St. Louis, Missouri's world-class, Hollywood-quality escape room games complete with interactive puzzles, special effects, and much more.

You and your group can play the escape rooms by booking them in advance –
click here to book your adventure now. Recommended by and hundreds of escape room owners from around the globe. Are you ready to crack the codes, find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape in 60 minutes or less? St. Louis, Missouri has many escape room attractions, but the most immersive rooms are produced by the team adjacent to The Darkness in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. No other room escape game can compare to the high end realism, special effects, puzzles, clues, and detail. Play multiple escape rooms with new themes arriving throughout the year! Have you ever imagined being a fearless explorer, finding hidden treasure, solving the mysteries of the ages or other exciting adventures depending on our current rooms? Our escape rooms give you the adventure of a lifetime! We also offer corporate group events, team building activities, birthday parties, pinball and much more. Our escape rooms also feature an amazing lobby perfect for your groups to socialise while you wait.

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